The Secret Doctrine Lexicon


Note: this project is still in its early stages. Content will continue to be added over the coming months and years.

The Secret Doctrine Lexicon is a project set up by that aims to widen the scope of the teachings as presented by H.P. Blavatsky in her magnum opus The Secret Doctrine published in 1888.

This project is not in any way concerned with altering the text of the book itself. The purpose is simply to provide a wider horizon and scope upon the multiform terminologies and concepts explored in this elaborate work. This will be accomplished by inserting cross-references and illustrations within the book, and by extension to other theosophical literature to elaborate on the vocabulary, processes and ideas discussed therein. The project is meant to accommodate the study and research of inquirers who are willing to penetrate deeper into the arcana of this perennial wisdom.

The menu to your right leads to each major section of The Secret Doctrine. Within those sections, text with dotted underline indicates a popup link to further resources on the selected term or concept: just click the underlined text to activate the popup.

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