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Jewels in the Lotus: insights, inspirations, and illuminations from the rich heritage of the world’s wisdom traditions, which is the common inheritance of the family of man.

Fiery Brooding

The meditation they urged on us has been explained as the 'inexpressible yearnings of the inner man to go out into the infinite.' But that Infinite we would enter is living.  It is the ultimate being of us. Meditation is a fiery brooding on that majestical Self.  We imagine ourselves into Its vastness.  We conceive ourselves as mirroring Its infinitudes,  as moving in all things, as living in all beings, in ...

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Universal Responsibility

There are no national or man-made boundaries in religion.  Religion can and should be used by anyone who finds it beneficial.  One might, for example, employ some of the efficacious Buddhist meditative techniques without becoming a Buddhist.  What is important is for each seeker to choose the way most suitable for himself. Religion is, at best, a tool to help us control our minds. The aim is to transform th ...

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All Beings as Myself

"Sit evenly, erect, at ease, with palms folded on the lap, with eyes fixed on the nose, cleanse your lungs by taking a deep breath, holding it in and then discharging it, raise in your heart the OM sounding like the tolling of a bell, and in the lotus of your heart, contemplate My form as encircled by light. The path of knowledge is for those who are weary of life; those who still have desires should pursue ...

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All life is LIVED: now this comes home to me. But who, then , lives it? Things that patiently Stand there, like some unfingered melody Sleeping within a harp as day is going? Is it the winds across the water blowing, Is it the branches beckoning each to each, Is it the flowers weaving fragrances, The ageing alleys stretching endlessly? Is it the warm beasts moving to and fro, The birds in alien flight that ...

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Theosophy in Daily Life

How shall we apply Theosophy in daily life?  First, to think what we are in reality, on arising; to endeavour to realize what this small segment of our great existence may mean in the long series of such existences: to resolve to live throughout the day from the highest of our realizations: to see in each event and circumstance a reproduction in small or in great of that which has been: and to deal with eac ...

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Right Proportion

Let man consider who he is and what he should and must become... Man needs more than common intelligence to know who he is; only he who studies him properly and knows whence he comes and who he is will also give profound attention to the eternal... Everything that man accomplishes or does, that he teaches or want to learn , must have its right proportion; it must follow its own line and remain within its ci ...

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Magnanimity and contentment are very near allied; like brothers and sisters, they spring from the same parents but are of several features. Fortitude and Patience are kindred to this incomparable virtue. Moralists distinguish Magnanimity and Modesty by making the one the desire of greater, the other of less and inferior honours.  But in my apprehension there is more in Magnanimity.  It includes all that bel ...

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Common be your prayer; Common be your goal; Common be your purpose; Common be your deliberation. Common be your wishes, Your hearts in concord, Your intentions in concord, Perfect be the union amongst you. —  Rig Veda   ...

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Let Thy Soul Lend It’s Ear

Thou canst not travel on the Path before thou hast become that Path itself. Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares it heart to drink the morning sun. Let not the fierce Sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye. But let each burning tear drop on thy heart and there remain; nor ever brush it off, until the pain that caused it is removed. ...

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Practical Brotherhood

It is he alone who has the love of humanity at heart, who is capable of grasping thoroughly the idea of a regenerating practical Brotherhood who is entitled to the possession of our secrets.  He alone, such a man — will never misuse his powers, as there will be no fear that he should turn them to selfish ends.  A man who places not the good of mankind above his own good is not worthy of becoming our chela — ...

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