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Jewels in the Lotus: insights, inspirations, and illuminations from the rich heritage of the world’s wisdom traditions, which is the common inheritance of the family of man.


Magnanimity and contentment are very near allied; like brothers and sisters, they spring from the same parents but are of several features. Fortitude and Patience are kindred to this incomparable virtue. Moralists distinguish Magnanimity and Modesty by making the one the desire of greater, the other of less and inferior honours.  But in my apprehension there is more in Magnanimity.  It includes all that bel ...

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Common be your prayer; Common be your goal; Common be your purpose; Common be your deliberation. Common be your wishes, Your hearts in concord, Your intentions in concord, Perfect be the union amongst you. —  Rig Veda   ...

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Let Thy Soul Lend It’s Ear

Thou canst not travel on the Path before thou hast become that Path itself. Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares it heart to drink the morning sun. Let not the fierce Sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye. But let each burning tear drop on thy heart and there remain; nor ever brush it off, until the pain that caused it is removed. ...

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Practical Brotherhood

It is he alone who has the love of humanity at heart, who is capable of grasping thoroughly the idea of a regenerating practical Brotherhood who is entitled to the possession of our secrets.  He alone, such a man — will never misuse his powers, as there will be no fear that he should turn them to selfish ends.  A man who places not the good of mankind above his own good is not worthy of becoming our chela — ...

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We have need of patience with ourselves and with others; with those below, and those above us, and with our own equals; with those who love us and those who love us not; for the greatest things and for the least; against sudden inroads of trouble, and under our daily burdens; disappointments as to the weather, or the breaking of the heart; in the weariness of the body, or the wearing of the soul; in our own ...

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Nothing Can Be Lost

If a man feels that what, without any fault of his own, he suffers in this life can only be the result of some of his former acts, he will bear his sufferings with more resignation, like a debtor who is paying off an old debt. And if he knows besides that in this life he may actually lay by moral capital for the future, he has a motive for goodness, which is not more selfish than it ought to be. The belief ...

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The Cooling of the Earth

The Tathagata is greatly to be honoured And profound in wisdom; For long has he kept secret this message, Not endeavouring hastily to declare it. The wise, if they hear it, Are able to accept and discern; The ignorant doubt and turn away, Losing it perpetually. Therefore, Kasyapa, According to their powers I preach to them With varied reasonings To bring them to right views. Know, Kasyapa! It is like a grea ...

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It is my humility that gives God his divinity and the proof of it is this, God's peculiar property is giving.  But God cannot give if he has nothing to receive his gifts.  Now I make myself receptive to his gifts by my humility so I by my humility do make God giver and since giving is God's own peculiar property I do by my humility give God his property.  The would-be giver must needs find a taker; without ...

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The Great and Peaceful Ones

The Great and Peaceful Ones live regenerating the world like the coming of the spring;.having crossed the ocean of embodied existence themselves they freely aid all others who seek to cross it.  The very essence and inherent will of Mahatmas is to remove the suffering of others, just as the ambrosia-rayed moon of itself cools the earth heated by the intense rays of the sun. —Shri Shankaracharya   ...

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The Invisible Presence

Proclus says that "The first monad is the Eternal God; the second eternity; the third, the paradigm, or pattern of the universe"; the three constituting the Intelligible Triad. Everything in this visible universe is the outflow of this Triad, and a microcosmic triad itself. And thus they move in majestic procession in the fields of eternity, around the spiritual sun, as in the heliocentric system the celest ...

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