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“Blavatskianism” In and Out of Season

"Blavatskianism" In and Out of Season Lucifer, December, 1893 THEOSOPHISTS! let us consult together. Let us survey the army, the field of battle, and the fighters. Let us examine our ways and our speech, so that we may know what we are doing in this great affray which may last for ages and in which every act has a future. What do we see? A Theosophical Society struggling as a whole against the world. A few ...

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The Prayag Letter

The Prayag Letter 1 Lucifer, July 1895 Mr. Judge challenged me to give my opinion on this letter, but—acting within his right as Editor—excluded from the columns of the Path my answer to his challenge. Not only so, but he reverses my answer—and this is outside his right as Editor—by saying that I allege the message to be non-genuine, "and thus walks beside Col. Olcott in abuse of H. P. B." In my answer I sa ...

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India: A Trumpet Call at a Crisis

India: A Trumpet Call at a Crisis Lucifer, April, 1893 From the facts that I am now the General Secretary of the American Section of the T. S. and its Vice-President, and was one of those who participated at the very first meeting of the Society in 1875, and for many years was intimately acquainted with H. P. Blavatsky and also with Col. Olcott, what I have to say on the subject of this article should have ...

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An Interesting Letter

An Interesting Letter (Written to an Indian Brother) Lucifer, April 1893 144 Madison Avenue, New York Dear Brother,—I have your last long and welcome letter. The fears you express of the T.S. leading to dogmatism or fanaticism seem to be groundless to me. If we had a creed there would be danger; if the Society declared any particular doctrine to be true, or to be the accepted view of the T.S., great danger ...

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Convention of the European Section

Convention of the European Section Lucifer, August, 1892 The Second Annual Convention of the European Section of the Theosophical Society was a most successful affair, and from beginning to end all went smoothly, as befits a Society taking Universal Brotherhood for its first object. Spain was first in the field with her delegate, Bro. Jose Xifre, a faithful friend and pupil of H. P. Blavatsky, who watched a ...

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The Sheaths of the Soul

The Sheaths of the Soul Lucifer, June, 1892 In my last article, "Mesmerism," I arrived at the point where we discover that the inner mortal man has several sheaths through which he obtains touch with Nature, feeling her motions and exhibiting in return is own powers and functions. It is a doctrine as old as any Esoteric School now alive, and far more ancient than the modern scientific academies; an understa ...

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Mesmerism Lucifer, May, 1892 This is the name given to an art, or the exhibition of a power to act upon others and the facility to be acted upon, which long antedate the days of Anton Mesmer. Another name for some of its phenomena is Hypnotism, and still another is Magnetism. The last title was given because sometimes the person operated on was seen to follow the hand of the operator, as if drawn like iron ...

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Two Letters to the Editor of the N.Y. Times

Two Letters to the Editor of the N.Y. Times (Concerning Mr. Foulke's Claims) Lucifer, March, 1892 Will you permit me to correct the statement of Mr. J. R. Perry in your issue of the 3rd that Madame Blavatsky appointed as her "successor" Mr. Henry R. Foulke, and "guaranteed" to him the "allegiance" of the "higher spiritual intelligences and forces"? As one of Madame Blavatsky's oldest and most intimate frien ...

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On the Future: A Few Reflections

On the Future: A Few Reflections Lucifer, March, 1892 Although I am an American citizen, the place of my birth was in Ireland, and in what I am about to say I cannot be accused of Columbiamania, for no matter how long might be my life I could never be an American. For that perhaps it is right, since it is compulsory, to wait for some distant incarnation. Now, either H.P.B. was right or she was wrong in what ...

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H.P.B. at Enghien

H.P.B. at Enghien Lucifer, July, 1891 In the spring of 1884, H.P.B. was staying in Rue Notre Dame des Champs, Paris, and in the house were living Col. Olcott, Mohini M. Chatterji and the writer. Part of the time Bertram Keightley was also there. As always since I have know H.P.B. during the past seventeen years, she was there as elsewhere engaged daily with her writing, save for an occasional drive or visit ...

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