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Indian Ideals

Indian Ideals Lucifer, March, 1894 The breath of the Indian Renaissance, so long foretold, so long in coming, begins to blow in our faces; to whisper strange, half-heard secrets in our ears. Among the open-eyed children of the West, all hearts are turning towards India—to India as a land of old renown; to India, full of glamour and unforgettable beauty, of fierce strong life and quiet peace, when the warm b ...

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The Heritage of the Brahmans

The Heritage of the Brahmans Oriental Department, January, 1894 It is said that long ago, in the childhood of the world, the senses were so fine that we could hear the growing of the grass, the rustling of the opening buds of spring. By a memory of these early senses, by the faint remnant of them that the long ages in their passage have left us, we can hear now the first stirring of the opening buds of a ne ...

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A Vedic Master (Prashna Upanishad)

A Vedic Master (1) Translated from the “Upanishad of the Questions.” Oriental Department, January, 1894 PRASHNA UPANISHAD These men, Sukesha Bharadvaja, Shaivya Satyakama, Sauryayani Gargya, Kaushalya Ashvalayana, Bhargava Vaidharbhi, and Kabandhi Katyayana, bent on the Eternal, following the Eternal, were seeking the Supreme Eternal. And they came to the Master Pippalada, with kindling-wood in their hands, ...

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The Great Upanishads

The Great Upanishads Oriental Department, January, 1894 “From every page of the Upanishads, deep, original, lofty thoughts step forth to meet us while a high and holy earnestness breathes over all. This is the richest and loftiest study possible in the world it has been the comfort of my life, and will be the comfort of my death.”—Schopenhauer. All that Narada and the Seven Sages knew is contained in the tw ...

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The Symbolism of the Upanishads

The Symbolism of the Upanishads The Path, January-March, 1894 I. Students of the Oriental Theosophy, which finds its highest expression in the Ten Upanishads, are met at the outset by a serious difficulty which has proved a real stumbling-block in the way of many earnest disciples, and has almost completely veiled the true meaning of these most ancient mystical books to all who have approached them in a pur ...

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Mars and Mercury: A Possible Solution

Mars and Mercury A Possible Solution.1 Lucifer, September, 1893 The solution of the difficulty about Mars and Mercury may possibly be this. These two Planets may very well belong to our “System of Worlds” without belonging to our “Planetary Chain” as that expression is used in The Secret Doctrine; that is, to our Earth with it six higher companions, corresponding to the six higher principles. Our total evol ...

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Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism Lucifer, May, 1893 Tibetan Buddhism, from which most of the technical terms in the Secret Doctrine are drawn, has been hitherto almost an “unknown land” in the study of World-Religions; and the closely allied school of Nepalese Buddhism, with its Sanskrit Scriptures, has been, perhaps, known even less. Recently, however, valuable texts, such as the Buddha Charita and the Jâtaka Mâlâ have sh ...

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The Living Power of Theosophy

The Living Power of Theosophy The Theosophical Movement, April, 1932 One of the difficulties under which students of Theosophy labor is the practical and therefore one-sided or distorted view they take of the Wisdom-Religion. For some, Theosophy takes the place of an outworn creed; for others it provides a better field for philosophic speculation; for a third class it is the interesting study of a new scien ...

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Pages from the Upanishads—Mandukya Upanishad

Pages from the Upanishads (From the Mândûkya Upanishad) Irish Theosophist, December, 1892 & January, 1893 ———— THE FOUR STEPS OF THE SELF. The syllable OM is all; its expansion is what has been, what is, what shall be; all is OM. And whatever is beyond the three times, is also OM. (1) All that, is the Eternal, and this Self is the Eternal; and this, the Self, has four steps. (2) Waking life, which perce ...

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Gleams from the Dawn-Land

Gleams from the Dawn-Land THE PEAKS OF ATLANTIS. Lucifer, December, 1892 Frequent allusion is made, in the pages of the Secret Doctrine, to the reminiscences still existing among the Polynesians of the vanished continent of Atlantis; and the general statement is made that these tribes of the Pacific Islands, who are the pure descendants of one of the earliest sub-races, have extensive legends of the catacly ...

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