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Deussen’s Upanishads

Deussen's Upanishads The Theosophist, July, 1899 Re-Printed from the Madras Mail For a long time there has been no event in the study of Oriental religions and philosophies equal in importance to the publication of Professor Paul Deussen's translation of the Upanishads of the Veda. It is only to be regretted that, for the land which gave the Upanishads birth, some of the advantage of this splendid piece of ...

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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, June, 1899 “Rooted above, with branches downwards, stands the immemorial Tree of Life. This, verily, is called the Shining, the Eternal, the Immortal. In it are all worlds set, nor does any go beyond.”—Katha Upanishad. “Learn now from me, concerning Hunger and Thirst. For a man hungers, as they say, the waters, verily, guide what is eaten by him; like ...

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The Water of Life

The Water of Life Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, May, 1899 “Narada came to Sanatkumara, saying: Master, teach me to know the Soul: for I have heard from the sages that he who knows the Soul crosses over the sea of sorrow. But I, Master, am sorrowful; therefore guide me over to sorrow's further shore. “He answered him: All thou knowest already, is but words. But thou shouldst seek to find out truth. ...

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The Secret of Power

The Secret of Power Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, April, 1899 “He who, dwelling in the earth, is other than the earth. whom the earth knows not, for whom the earth is a body, who rules the earth from within,—he is thy Soul, the inner ruler, immortal. “He who, dwelling in the waters, is other than the waters, whom the waters know not, for whom the waters are a body, who rules the waters from within ...

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The Realm, the Radiance, and the Power

The Realm, the Radiance, and the Power Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, March, 1899 “Learn now of me, how he who has won the first great victory, shall go forward to the everlasting Power. Here is the perfect rule of wisdom, briefly told: “Let him hold himself firmly in the ray of the illumined Soul, freeing himself from the tyranny of sensations, and rising above lusts and hate; “Let him dwell in so ...

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The Opening Eyelids of the Morn

The Opening Eyelids of the Morn Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, February, 1899 “There is a small white lotus bud in this house of the Soul; in it there is a firmament, and what is therein is to be searched for and sought. “And if they should ask: As to this white lotus bud in the house of the Soul, and the firmament that is within it what is hidden there, that should be searched for and sought? Let ...

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The Soul’s Way

The Soul's Way Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, January, 1899 “When all the desires that were laid up in the heart are let go, then the mortal becomes immortal, he enters the Eternal. As the slough of a serpent, cast upon an ant-hill, lies lifeless there, so lies his body, when he rises up bodiless, immortal, full of life and radiance eternal. “The small old Path that stretches far away, has been fou ...

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The First Fruits of Peace

The First Fruits of Peace Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, December, 1898 “With soul in perfect peace and rid of fear, standing firm on the path of the Eternal; with steadfast heart and imagination full of the Soul, let the seeker of union rest intent upon the Soul. Thus joined ever with the Soul, the seeker of union, steadfast in thought, wins the peace of the highest beatitude, the presence of the ...

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Dream and Dreamlessness

Dream and Dreamlessness Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, November, 1898 “What is he Soul? The Soul is consciousness among the powers of life. It is the inner light in the heart. And this spirit moves from one world to the other, remaining itself unchanged. It only seems to form imaginations. It only seems to enter into delights. “And when sleep comes, the spirit rises beyond this world, and the forms ...

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True Poverty and True Wealth

[True Poverty and True Wealth] Oriental Department Theosophical Forum, October, 1898 There is one Lord, the inmost soul of all beings, who makes visible one power in many forms;—they who behold him dwelling in their hearts have lasting joy that belongs not to others; Eternal among things not eternal, the Soul of souls;—they who behold him dwelling in their hearts have peace eternal that belongs not to other ...

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