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The Great Deep (Vayu Purana)

The Great Deep Vayu Purana: vi, 1-7. Oriental Department, November, 1896 For the Waters were in the beginning, when fire had perished from the face of the world; and all things, fixed and moving, and all that is between them, had melted together. Nor could anything be perceived then, in that lonely ocean. Then the divine Evolver, thousand-eyed, with a thousand resting places; The thousand-headed Spirit, in ...

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“To Die, To Sleep”

“To Die, To Sleep” Irish Theosophist, November, 1896 To sleep; perchance to dream, ay, there's the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil Must give us pause. It is the fashion nowadays to attribute all good things to the great ancients, and to say that whatever is done excellently by the men of today is only reminiscence, or mere borrowing. Well, ther ...

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The Upanishads and the Brahmans

The Upanishads and the Brahmans The Open Court, October, 1896 Re-printed in Theosophical Forum, August, 1902 “Thinking sacrifices and offerings are best, these fools know not the better way.” —Mundaka Upanishad. It has always been accepted as one of the established truths of Oriental studies, that the Upanishads contain the wisdom of the Brahmans; the teaching of the Upanishads, the system of the Vedanta, a ...

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The Lesson of Loneliness

The Lesson of Loneliness Irish Theosophist, October, 1896 We shall learn many good things that we have long forgotten, as we find our way back again to real life; among them one that we have much need of—the art of being rightly alone. There is too much noise and hurry in our life; things done too quickly and with too great pains; for the most part, petty things, that might very well not be done at all. It ...

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Occultism in the Upanishads

Occultism in the Upanishads Theosophy, September, 1896 “The true desires are overlaid with false; though true, there is a false covering-up of them. For if any one belonging to him is gone, he, while still in the world, cannot reach him to behold him. And those belonging to him who are alive, and those who are gone, and anything else he desires, yet cannot reach, entering there he finds them, for in this wo ...

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The Songs of the Master

The Songs of the Master Oriental Department, September, November, 1896 & January, 1897 I. In the Bhagavad Gita, first translated and best known of all the Sacred Books of the East, there is much of profound value for all readers; and, besides this readily recognized worth, there is much of high historical and literary interest, which is very often passed over; there are, in every chapter, two or three v ...

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Honey for the Gods (Chandogya Upanishad)

Honey for the Gods Oriental Department, September, 1896 CHHANDOGYA UPANISHAD: iii, 1-11. That sun is honey for the bright powers; the heaven is the curved support of it; the mid-world is the comb; the beams are the young. The rays of it that are eastward are the eastern honey-channels; the hymns are the honey-makers the Veda of the hymns is the blossom; the nectars are the waters. And these, verily, the hym ...

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The Soul and the Self (Shankara)

The Soul and the Self Shankara, on the Vedanta Sutras. Oriental Department, September, 1896 The oneness of the soul with the Self is already a fact, and not a thing that requires a further effort to bring about; and therefore the recognition of the truth of the text “That thou Art” is sufficient to put an end to the personality of the soul, in the same way as the recognition of the piece of rope is sufficie ...

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Fear and Valor

Fear and Valor Irish Theosophist, August, 1896 A summer evening, high among the Alps; the in-gathering of purple twilight veils the world in mystery; the hills, with their curtains of pines; the meadows, sinking away towards the valley. Darkening forests rise again to mountains, white with new-fallen snow, their crests just touched with crimson. The sky behind them, a sea of gold, paling through yellow to t ...

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The Mysteries of Sound 3 (Chandogya Upanishad)

The Mysteries of Sound Oriental Department, July, 1896 CHHANDOGYA UPANISHAD: ii, 22-24. I select and assign the different notes of the chant. The animal note is the up-singing of the Fire-lord. The undefined note is the up-singing of the Lord of beings. The defined note is the up-singing of the Lunar lord. The note that is soft and smooth is the up-singing of the Breath-lord. The note that is smooth and str ...

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