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Modernized Upanishad

Modernized Upanishad THE TALAVAKARA UPANISHAD THE TEACHING OF BRAHMAN The Path, September, 1892 ———— CHAPTER FIRST1 The Master was asked by the pupil to tell at whose wish the mind of man, when sent forth for any act, proceeds on its errand, by whose command the first breath goeth forth, and at whose wish the mind of man, when sent forth for any act, proceeds on its errand, by whose command the first breath ...

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Conversations on Occultism (2)

Occult Teachings The Path, October, 1894 Student.—What is Occultism? Sage.—It is that branch of knowledge which shows the universe in the form of an egg. The cell of science is a little copy of the egg of the universe. The laws which govern the whole govern also every part of it. As man is a little copy of the universe—is the microcosm—he is governed by the same laws which rule the greater. Occultism teache ...

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Madame Blavatsky in India

Madame Blavatsky in India A REPLY TO MONCURE D. CONWAY The Arena, March 1892 There are three reasons when I reply to Moncure D. Conway's article in the October ARENA, entitled "Madame Blavatsky at Adyar." First, I am an old and intimate friend of hers, while Mr. Conway met her but twice according to his own account, and then only for a short time. Second, she has given up her mortal body and cannot reply to ...

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Karma in the Desatir

Karma in the Desatir The Path, October, 1891 The Desatir is a collection of the writings of the different Persian Prophets, one of whom was Zoroaster. The last was alive in the time of Khusro Parvez, who was contemporary with the Emperor Revaclius and died only nine years before the end of the ancient Persian monarchy. Sir William Jones was the first who drew the attention of European scholars to the Desati ...

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Kali Yuga and the Coming Race

Kali Yuga and the Coming Race The Path, January, 1895 (1) How many years are there in Kali Yuga? (2) Will the sixth sub-race begin very soon, that is, will it be at the end of the cycle of the first five thousand years of Kali Yuga? (3) Cannot a person of the fifth race come near where the sixth race shall live? (1) Kali Yuga is said by the Brahmins and the Secret Doctrine to be 432,000 years long. We will ...

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If Methuselah Existed, Why So Short Our Lives?

If Methuselah Existed, Why So Short Our Lives? The Path, May 1891 At a Theosophical Society meeting the other day, it was stated that in the early races, say the second and third, referred to in the Secret Doctrine, many had a much more ethereal body, which lived many more years than Methuselah, the aged. In elaborating this, the objection was advanced that the body of man is now much more compact and stabl ...

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Iconoclasm Toward Illusions

Iconoclasm Toward Illusions The Path, December 1892 A disposition not to interfere in any way with beliefs which are illusions prevails with many who dislike the pain caused by such tearing away of the veil. And the argument that illusionary beliefs, creeds, and dogmas should not be done away with so long as the believer is happy or good has been used by the Christian Church—and more especially by the Roman ...

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Hypnotism and Theosophy

Hypnotism and Theosophy Jenness Miller Illustrated Monthly, 1893 (?) 1 Is hypnotism understood? What is the attitude of the Theosophical Society to hypnotism? It is thought by some that magnetism and hypnotism are identical; for many have said this new force or power is only the old practice of Mesmer revived in this century, after long years of contempt, and labeled with a new name, which will permit docto ...

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Conversations on Occultism

The Kali Yuga—The Present Age The Path, April, 1888 Student.—I am very much puzzled about the present age. Some theosophists seem to abhor it as if wishing to be taken away from it altogether, inveighing against modern inventions such as the telegraph, railways, machinery, and the like, and bewailing the disappearance of former civilizations. Others take a different view, insisting that this is a better tim ...

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Delusions of Clairvoyance

Delusions of Clairvoyance The Path, July, 1892 Some years ago it was proposed that psychometry should be used in detecting crime and for the exposing of motive in all transactions between man and man. This, the alleged discoverer said, would alter the state of society by compelling people to be honest and by reducing crime. Now for those who do not know, it may be well to say that when you psychometrize you ...

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