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The League of Theosophical Workers

The League of Theosophical Workers The Path, June, 1891 The "LEAGUE OF THEOSOPHICAL WORKERS" has been formed in accordance with the report of the committee appointed at the last annual convention of the American Section of the Theosophical Society for founding such league. Its central office is in New York City. Its officers are: Mrs. J. Campbell Ver Planck, President. Miss Katharine Hillard, Vice President ...

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Closed or Open Lodges

Closed or Open Lodges The Path, May, 1890 The Theosophical Society has never prohibited Private Branches. If five Members-at-large can exist separately, they can exist together; for they are no worse off when organized than when not. It is conceivable, moreover, that there may be special circumstances where publicity is undesirable—as where there is exceptional local bitterness against Theosophy, or where t ...

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Change of Name

Change of Name The Path, March, 1896 Commencing with the next, April, number, the PATH, which has been published for ten years under that name, will drop the title and thereafter will be issued under the name of THEOSOPHY. Its management, aims, and policy will in no way be altered, but will continue on the lines laid down at the outset of its career. It is hoped that the change of name will not result in an ...

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Authority The Path, November, 1887 We have received the following from California: In the July PATH is an article entitled—"Shall We Know Our Friends in Heaven?" I would like to ask if the Swedish Seer Swedenborg, has not answered that question to the satisfaction of theosophists. If he is accepted as an authority I should think his answer complete and satisfactory. Yours, E.W.F. Inasmuch as theosophists ar ...

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Answers To Questioners

Answers To Questioners The Path, November, 1887 The notice published last month, that questions might be asked, addressed to"Zadok," has elicited several queries, from which we select the following. Hereafter "Zadok" will continue his answers, but they will be given through the Path's columns, except where their private nature may call for personal correspondence. From C.—(1) Is celibacy necessary to the hi ...

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Am I My Brother's Keeper? —Genesis IV, 9 The Path, August, 1887 Many students, in their search for light, find divers problems presented to them for solution; questions so puzzling from the contradictory aspects which they present, that the true course is difficult of attainment for those who seek Right Living. One of these questions, Is it our duty to interfere if we see a wrong being done? arises. The que ...

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Adepts and Politics

Adepts and Politics Theosophist, June, 1884 The communication in your December number from Chhabigram Dolatram, headed as above, is a piece of special pleading, directed against the adepts, and flowing from as source not friendly to either the cause of Theosophy or to the Masters. Personally, I do not believe Mr. Dolatram wrote the article; he simply allowed his name to be appended to it. It is, to my think ...

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Before American Spiritualism

Before American Spiritualism The Path, October, 1893 So many persons have come to suppose that Spiritualism took its rise through the rappings at Rochester under the mediumship of the Fox sisters, it may be profitable to reprint a few descriptions of spiritualistic séances which had place a hundred years ago in France, Germany, and other European countries. At that time there were very many inquiring minds ...

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A Word On Pronouns

A Word On Pronouns The Path, October, 1887 (The following is from one Frances Ellen Burr. The “Note” following it is from the pen of Mr. Judge.—ED.) It is claimed that civilization cannot alter the nature of the savage. If there be any withdrawal of the restraining influences of civilization, his tendency is inevitably "back to the blanket," and to snake-worship, or whatever form of worship his ancestors ma ...

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A Circulating Library

A Circulating Library The Path, June, 1889 A theosophical circulating Library has been established at the General Secretary's office in New York, Room 47, 21 Park Row. Donations of money and books have been made by members of the Aryan T.S. sufficient to start it, and it is expected that students throughout the country will be benefited by its use. The rules read as follows: This Library is at the Headquart ...

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