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Can Females Become Adepts?

Can Females Become Adepts? Theosophist, October, 1883. Will you kindly let me know whether females can attain to adeptship, and whether female adepts exist at all? "An Inquirer." Note.—It is difficult to see any good reason why females should not become Adepts. None of us, Chelas, are aware of any physical or other defect which might entirely incapacitate them from undertaking the dreary ordeal. It may be m ...

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Seeing Bright Light with Closed Eyes

Seeing Bright Light with Closed Eyes Supplement to Theosophist, September, 1883 Our Brother P. T. Srinivasaingar of Negapatam, writes to ask:— "Can you please explain the following phenomenon? "If a man closes his eyes, lets two fingers pass over them, presses the lower eyelids tightly with these fingers (meanwhile the eye being closed) and tries to see, then before 2' are over, a bright light begins to dev ...

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Pert Questions and Plain Answers

Pert Questions and Plain Answers Supplement to Theosophist, May, 1882 [Introductory note and footnotes by H.P.B., "Answer to Misconceptions" by Damodar] How little the "beliefs and creeds" of the Theosophical Society—which has no belief or creed—are understood by the average public in India after three years of constant explanations, may be inferred by the letter that follows. Crude and childish as it is, y ...

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The “Occult World” and the “Spiritualist”

The "Occult World" and the "Spiritualist" Theosophist, August, 1881 Having just read in the London Spiritualist a review of Mr. Sinnett's book "The Occult World," I find in it more than a doubt expressed as to the reality of the "Brothers," that body of mystics to which the personage known as "Koot Hoomi Lal Singh" belongs. The Editor of that paper would have his readers believe that the said person is a cr ...

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A Great Riddle Solved

A Great Riddle Solved Theosophist, December-January, 1883-84 On my return to the Head-quarters from the North, where I had accompanied Col. Olcott on his Presidential Tour, I learnt with regret and sorrow of further and still more malignant strictures by certain Spiritualists on the claims of the Founders of the Theosophical Society to be in personal relations with the Mahatmas of the sacred Himavat. For me ...

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A Protest

A Protest 1 Theosophist, September, 1882 We, the undersigned, the "Accepted" and "Probationary" Hindu Chelas of the HIMALAYAN BROTHERS, their disciples in India, and Northern Cashmere, respectfully claim our right to protest against the tone used in the above article, and the bold criticisms of H.X. [A.O. Hume]—a lay Chela. No one who has once offered himself as a pupil has any right to openly criticise and ...

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How a “Chela” Found His “Guru”

How a “Chela” Found His “Guru”1 (Being Extracts from a private letter [written by S. Ramaswamier] to Damodar K. Mavalankar, Joint-Recording Secretary of the Theosophical Society.) Theosophist, December, 1882 . . . When we met last at Bombay I told you what had happened to me at Tinnevelly. My health having been disturbed by official work and worry, I applied for leave on medical certificate and it was duly ...

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The Metaphysical Basis of “Esoteric Buddhism”

The Metaphysical Basis of “Esoteric Buddhism” Theosophist, May, 1884 The pamphlet of Mr. C. C. Massey, an F.T.S., of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society, is a valuable contribution to the discussion now being raised by the publication of Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism. It is a trite axiom that truth exists independent of human error, and he who would know the truth, must rise up to its level and n ...

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The Philosophy and Science of Vedantic Raja Yoga

The Philosophy and Science of Vedantic Raja Yoga1 Theosophist, March, 1884 I feel really obliged to my friend and brother, Babu Siris Chandra Vasu, B. A., for the presentation of a copy of a Treatise on "The Philosophy and Science of Vedantic Raja Yoga," edited by him. It is the reprint of a book which was first published about four years ago, and a notice of which will be found on page 147 of Vol. 1 of the ...

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Contemplation Theosophist, February, 1884 A general misunderstanding of this term seems to prevail. The popular idea appears to be to confine oneself for half an hour—or at the utmost two hours—in a private room, and passively gaze at one's nose, a spot on the wall, or, perhaps, a crystal. This is supposed to be the true form of contemplation enjoined by Raj Yoga. It fails to realize that true occultism req ...

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