Theme for Contemplation: Moments of Choice

“There must come a decisive moment of choice when one is prepared to combine solemnity and simplicity in a joyous acceptance of one’s own spiritual mission.”

— Aquarian Almanac

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Jewels in the Lotus



This spiritual Love acts not nor can exist Without Imagination, which, in truth, Is but another name for absolute power And clearest insight, amplitude of mind, An Reason in her most exalted mood. This faculty hath been the feeding source Of our long labour; we have traced the stream From the blind cavern whence is […] Read more

Articles by H.P. Blavatsky

What is Theosophy?

What is Theosophy?

What is Theosophy? Theosophist, October, 1879 This question has been so often asked, and misconception so widely prevails, that the editors of a journal devoted to an exposition of the world’s Theosophy would be remiss were its first number issued without coming to a full understanding with their readers. But our heading involves two further […] Read more

The Secret Doctrine

Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Study

Socrates on Pleasure and Pain

Socrates on Pleasure and Pain

On Pleasure and Pain From The Republic, Book 9 Socrates: “The third victory [of the just man] now, as at the Olympic games, is sacred to Olympic Jupiter, the saviour; for consider, that the pleasure of the others [non-philosophers] is not every way genuine, but that of the wise man is: nor are they pure, but […] Read more

Science of Spirituality


On “The Good” and “The One” of Plato

On “The Good” and “The One” of Plato by Thomas Taylor, from an extensive note in his translation of The Republic The good, which is here celebrated by Socrates as that which reigns in the intelligible place, is neither the same with that which subsists in our nature, (for we rank in an order far below intelligibles) nor with that […] Read more

Philosophy of Perfectability

Can The Mahatmas Be Selfish?

Can The Mahatmas Be Selfish?

Can The Mahatmas Be Selfish? Theosophist, August, 1884 In various writings on occult subjects, it has been stated that unselfishness is a sine qua non for success in occultism. Or a more correct form of putting it, would be that the development of an unselfish feeling is in itself the primary training which brings with […] Read more

Religion of Responsibility

Devotion of the Early Races

Devotion of the Early Races

And, to this day, such Brahmins know that, during its early beginnings, psychic and physical intellect being dormant and consciousness still undeveloped, the spiritual conceptions of that race were quite unconnected with its physical surroundings. That divine man dwelt in his animal—though externally human—form; and, if there was instinct in him, no self-consciousness came to […] Read more

Society of the Future

Towards an Enlightened Society

Towards an Enlightened Society

“The world in which we live is globalized. Economies halfway around the world affect our own. Our politics, education, and cultural consumption happen on a global scale. Our ethics and morality also need to be globalized. A new global order calls for a new global ethic. A global ethic is the key to addressing the […] Read more

Sacred Texts



Single-Mindedness: An Indian Tale

Single-Mindedness: An Indian Tale

ONCE Hanuman went on a pilgrimage to the holy places consecrated to his beloved Rama, seeking a vision of his Lord.  Whilst on his journey he entered a forest in Krishna’s kingdom of Dwarka. Krishna, knowing that Hanuman had arrived, wanted to see again the greatest of his devotees from his former incarnation.  He therefore […] Read more

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